St. Lucy Flute School

St. Lucy  Flute School
Class of 2009

Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Flute Owners

Dear Friends,

Here are the new owners of the flutes:

Young Students and music teacher:
Original owner: New owner
1. Karla Flygare 1. Eden Desta and Niyat Bahta
2. Sarah Bassingthwaighte 2. Bamcerga Hoftu and Mankalesh Abandy
3. Sarah Bassingthwaighte 3. Sr. Mary Gintella
4. Megan Lyden 4. Helen Berihu
5. Marilyn First 5. Yohanna Mahair/ Guina Alraha
6. Renton Vo-Tech School 6. Luwana Abraha and Selamaiwit Ghlivet
7. Mary Ann Eckmann 7. Sr. Letteselassie
8. Carolyn Blanchard 8. Flutist and St. Lucy Music teacher Seyoum Micheal

Adult Students (who are the teachers at the St. Lucy School)
1. Karla Flygare 1. Abraha Mehari Gegray
2. Sarah Bassingthwaighte 2. Azmera Tesfary wlsaa
3. " " 3. Magos Abraha Gidey
4. Megan Lyden 4. Medhanic Maddera Glsiassie
5. Marilyn First 5. Student will start on Monday
6. Renton Vo Tech School 6. Ferawini Yacob Endris

These students say thank you very much for sending the flutes. They are enjoying the lessons very much and eagerly study the music lessons and instruments everyday.

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