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St. Lucy Flute School

St. Lucy  Flute School
Class of 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Arrived in Adigrat

Salaam Everyone,

If you have been wondering where I am or why I haven't posted any blogs it is because we have been out of power or the internet has not been available for us to use. I apologize for taking this long to get to all of you but that is the way it is here.

We arrived in Adigrat on Monday afternoon after a long wait for our airplane (6 hours) and then a terrifying plane ride on an old prop aircraft. Needless to say it was pretty scary. Not to include the confusing way of handling air travel with Ethiopian Air. But when we landed in Makele, the landscape was breathtakingly beautiful and any inconvenience or frustration was immediately gone while Safia and I gazed at the gorgeous Ethiopian terrain.

We have met the children and been able to give them the clothes. The sisters with to especially thank you Kim Lintott and Cecile Tron for their generosity of giving so many cute clothes to the children. The children are in need of underwear and socks, girl's clothes for sizes 12, 14/16.

There supply of clothes is pretty baron and really could use your donations. Please see my email that I sent to everyone before I left for the address. PLEASE send clothes. As well, the sisters are trying to build a library for the children and are in need of children's books and videos.
Safia and I are in hopes of getting the pictures online soon so that we can share them with all of you.

We have had a horrible time with getting the thumb drive to work do we cannot transfer the pictures to the sisters computer in order to post them to the blog. It has been a bit frustrating. The scenery, landscape, orphanage and especially the children are just beautiful. We can't wait to let you see them. If we cannot get the thumbdrive to work Safia and I are going to see if Adigrat has a computer cafe and we can dump her pictures onto photobucket and let you know they are there.

I have started music classes with K-3 but not the flute classes. I am waiting on Sr. Letteselassie to be able to take flute classes with the girls and she is currently not available. When I start classes, Sr. Lette and Sr. Mary will learn the flute too and be able to help with the instruction after I leave.

In this area, we will need more flutes and music stands. Please make sure the flutes are in good playing condition so that the children can easily adapt to them. I invite any of the flutists to come and help the children after I have left. The sisters would love to have your help.

That's it for now. I cannot access my comcast account so I have a gmail account set up. It is
Drop me a line.
I would love to hear from you.

God Bless to all of you.

With much love,
Celine and Safia


  1. Celin~ so happy to hear your safe arriving in Adigrat. can't wait to see lovely pictures! Good bless you~