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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Flutist, Heesun Park 3/8/09

Tonight at 7pm I received a phone call from a former student and dear friend Heesun Park. Heesun is from Seoul, Korea, she came to the United States to better her studies in English and further her education in music. As well, she decided to continue her lessons in flute and ended up in my Music Works Northwest Studio. During Heesun's time with me she became interested in my method I use to instruct young children. She took additional lessons to learn this methodology so that she could use it for her own private instruction. She found it to be a excellent source to educate children in music and to learn flute. Heesun and I worked together for nearly two years before she went to study at the University of Puget Sound. She continued her flute work with Karla Flygare and received her Masters in music education.
After receiving her degree, Heesun returned to Korea and reconnected with me. This was this last December. She learned about my trip and felt she was being called to this mission. She called me in the beginning of January to ask questions and discuss the possibility of joining me and to assist with this school. This last Sunday she announced to me that she is indeed planning her trip and will join me in April. She will help in flute instruction and general music education.
I am very excited to have Heesun join us and feel that these children will benefit all the more from her experience and music education.

I also have to say how lucky we are to be able to meet these children and have the opportunity to learn from them too. I am sure there is so much for us to learn.

God Bless,


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