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St. Lucy  Flute School
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

First Flute Lesson!

Today, I gave the first flute lesson to the teachers at St. Lucy School. I have 7 enrolled for lessons. Once again, they all did really well. they picked it up quickly and did very well. All of them could produce a great sound in the middle and low registers. We began the high register position but that was harder for them. The teachers will return on Monday at 4:30 and have a flute class everyday after school from 4:30 to 5:15pm. I then will teach the music teacher a private lesson after that. By the time my day is ending, I am going to be exhausted.

Everyone wants to learn the flute. Today I had another sister from another house (can't remember the name of the school, but it is the place where Vanessa made her dome for the children) and she said she wants to learn the flute. So I cannot stress enough that I need more flutes.

At 2pm Safia and I went to play with the children. We played "London Bridge" "Duck, Duck, Goose" and "Musical Chairs". After that Safia gave the children a small class in photography and I sat down and colored with some of the kids who did not want to take the class. We colored an entire book. The coloring book was about Christmas and pictures of elfs and Santa Clause. But these kids have no clue who Santa Claus is and so they colored him in bright multi colors that they thought looked good. One child named Naitu made me a beautiful free style art and wrote me special notes of love on the paper. It was very sweet and I will probally frame this adorable piece of work.

I have to say the children wore me out a little today. So I told the sisters that I will need to make my visits timely so that I don't burn out too quickly. I have 6 more weeks to go and I want to make sure the flute school above anything will be up and running by the time I leave. Although the I love the children so much that I probally won't be able to stay away.

I came back to the sisters house and sat down to have a cup of tea. It felt good to put the warm comfort into me and just sit down and space. After I gather some energy back I gave Sr. letteselassie a private flute lesson. This is the privelage I am giving the sisters because they are putting us up and I told them they get special services from me. Both Sr. Lette and Sr. Mary are learning the flute. But Sr. Mary must have been busy and could not come to the lesson.

I'm finishing my day with attending Mass, watching some TV and visiting with the sisters. I will attend to my lesson plans tomorrow and will not blog because I will keep my day quiet. I send everyone my love and hope some of you write to me soon.



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