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St. Lucy Flute School

St. Lucy  Flute School
Class of 2009

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Last entrance of my 2010 mission

Dear Family and Friends,
Well I'm at the end of another trip. When I first came it seemed like it was going to be one of the hardest trips ever. It has ended up being the most fruitful of all my trips. The flute school is doing fantastic. I'm at 14 flute students who are far more serious about their leanring and playing than I have had with most of my students in America. It has been such a wonderful time with them. I have many film clips of them playing scales and some of their songs. They have had far more performances from all the trips. I have 4 serious teachers who are also seriously learning their flute to help with my program. The 14 flute students are now good enough to help teach the beginner students. They are actually that strong.

This Sunday the flute class will perform for the International conference of the Agazi School Alumni. The head council of this alumni met with me yesterday. They are very impressed with my accomplishment to teach western music to the children of Ethiopia. This organization, the International School, and the St. Lucy school are all very interested in having me set up a liberal arts program for the schools of Tigray. So this is super fantastic and hopefully we can make something of this. Also, I plan to greet the flute professors of Addis Ababa at the Addis Ababa University to discuss what we can do about sending more flutists from the school of music to Adigrat to help with my program. I'm so excited about all of this and I pray and pray we can have a very big future for these children and their education.

As usual, the good-bye part of my trip is bittersweet. I'm so close to so many people. Everyone here loves how I have become Ethiopian. My dress, my eating, and my lifestyle has completely adapted to their culture. Not to include my ability to speak in Tigrinya has improved greatly. I love it here so much. But, I miss my beautiful children and family very much. I'm very anxious to see them and have the chance to greet with them and give all of them big hugs and kisses. for this I'm super excited to come home. But to leave all my friends and especially the orphans is so difficult....

I love everyone. I can't wait to post the pictures and film clips of the students. I'm so excited about so many things from this trip. Can't wait to see everyone....

God bless you and love always,


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