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St. Lucy Flute School

St. Lucy  Flute School
Class of 2009

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Abba Tesfay and the parish priest of the sister’s house said mass for us. They joined us for breakfast. Again we laughed and had a merry time.
Sr. Bindu asked me to give a presentation on my vocation as a teacher. I went to the teacher’s morning break and I shared with them my experience as a teacher and the purpose of my vocation. I was honored to give such a presentation and well received by all the teachers for the Miriam-Tsion primary school in Saesie. The teachers really loved what I had to say.
By 1pm the car came and it was time for me to go back to Adigrat. I arrived in Adigrat around 3pm and at 3:30 I went to see the children and the teachers at St. Lucy’s school. I was swarmed by the students and teachers all welcoming me back. How they missed me they told me and how happy they were to see me again. I was very happy to see all of them too.
What a beautiful place Saesie is. What a fantastic trip that was. I call Saesie Heaven on earth. I will return in July for another visit. I cannot wait.

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