St. Lucy Flute School

St. Lucy  Flute School
Class of 2009

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I’ve met with the flute students. We agreed with exams this week we will keep our classes to Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for rehearsals. Then on Saturday we will have a dress rehearsal for the ordination of the priests in the cathedral.
The flute students are very excited to perform for this. It is a great honor to be called upon by the Bishop of Tigray to perform for this ordination. We have worked very hard on our piece and the students are sounding fantastic.
On Wednesday, yesterday, I prepared their new assignment. Starting next week in addition to flute class, 15 of the students has signed up for private lessons. The beginner students and adults will also resume classes next week too. As I handed out the assignments to their next studies, I handed them a new rhythm assignment introducing 16th-note rhythms. I told the class, that since they are ready to learn music in 16th note rhythms they are no longer beginner students but are now intermediate. Boy, you should have heard them scream for joy. They felt so proud of their accomplishments.
I’ve also introduced music history and new styles of music. They have learned how to play in waltz tempos and rounds. The students are eating this up. They are so smart and they learn so fast.
It’s pretty funny; when I’m waiting for the students to come to class I practice a little bit. The students hear me play and they come running in. Before I know it I’m surrounded by the children as I practice. I get a little self conscious and then I begin to sweat. Ha, ha, it’s funny. Then the students start to fan me to cool me off. They love reading the music while I play. They love watching me finger fast passages and articulate long runs. I remember when I was a beginning student and how much that impressed me too. I am so grateful that I can inspire these children to play the flute. This is wonderful!!
I’ve brought you up to date on my latest and greatest things here in Ethiopia. I’m having a wonderful time now. All is well. I will record the performance for the ordination. I will also record the performance for parent’s day which is coming next week.
I miss all of you very much. Please send me at least an email. I love more than anything to hear from all of you.
God Bless and Love,


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