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St. Lucy  Flute School
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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Meeting with Dr. Joahchim Herzip

June 29, 2011
Dear Family and Friends,
I met with the president. His name is Dr. Joachim Herzig. He is from Germany and a very nice man. I gave him my documents and resume. He loved hearing the project of coming to Ethiopia and setting up a flute school. He also was impressed with my experience of designing curriculum, and running music schools in America. We talked for well over an hour. Enjoyed a cup of coffee with him and discussed how I can help the university.

The university just celebrated its 10th year in 2010. Dr. Herzig came to Mekelle University to help develop a stronger curriculum and assist in getting the Ethiopians better educated so they can run their schools. He said he set the stakes high for the professors to follow the German College of Education curriculum and after 3 years he will then turn over the school to a worthy Ethiopian President to run their university. He loved that I have done the same with my flute students. That I have required them to discipline themselves, practice hard, and improve their knowledge through music to offer them a richer way of life. He liked my blog and what I’ve done to help these children. He agreed with Gizachew that hiring me would be a great opportunity for me and the university.

I left the visit/interview with high hopes I can come and do this work. I really love the idea of developing western music into their curriculum as well as developing this type of education into the primary and secondary schools all over Ethiopia. I really hope this will work out for me.

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