St. Lucy Flute School

St. Lucy  Flute School
Class of 2009

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Flute Classes Begin

July 5, 2011
First Day of Flute class
I gave the lessons and flute classes. The students did well. Then we had English. I work with Abba Negasi and his tutorial program for orphans to help better educate the children in their English. I’m working on conversational English more than book English. I figure this will be better for now. Several of these students are in high school and to help them get through high school they have to understand their teachers lecturing in English.

In this country after primary school, when the students go to secondary and college everything is taught in English. Some students fail or drop out of high school because they don’t learn their English, often become hoodlums and pregnant.

My flute students are required to attend this class. I teach their flute classes in English, I make them ask me questions in English; I make them tell me in English if they don’t understand. For 3 hours these students are either learning in English or teaching the beginner classes in English. I also require my beginning students to take the English classes. None of my students will go to high school without a decent knowledge of conversational and book English. They really appreciate it as they know how much this is helping them.

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