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St. Lucy  Flute School
Class of 2009

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,

Its peaceful here in Adigrat. It seems that things are settling down from elections. I've just returned from Gola visiting with Sr. Mary and Sr. Negisti. I have a huge blog that I wrote that I will send very soon. for now I am at the mercy of the internet cafe in Adigrat and I forgot to transfer my blog to my flash drive. It was beautiful in Gola.
I've had a hard start this time (more will be explained) but now it's better. I'm busy teaching flute classes and music to 2 schools now. St. Lucy's and the school in gola. I love that I can do this. It is my happiest time to be with the children all day long.
Yesterday I had a big experience, the right hand person that works with the Pope himself came to Adigrat yesterday. The students of St. Lucy's lined the streets to the cathedral and we sang welcome songs and flew the Vatican and Ehtiopian flags. When the bishop was processing to the cathedral with this very special person he saw me and grabbed me. He said to this priest, I want you to meet a very special person and he introduced me. I was honored beyond words to have had such a special introdcution and meet this priest.
Now the bishop asked me to perform for mass tomorrow with this priest saying mass. Boy what an honor it is for me. I also was asked to make a cake from Sr. Kahsa, for the reception.
These are the things and working with the children that are wonderful for me. Things with the teachers have calmed down because I told all the teachers in Adigrat if they don't stop this nonsense fighting, I'm moving to Gola and not coming back. That did it!!!!! They all stopped and now things are happy and fun again. So it's been a lot better.
I miss everyone. I'm astounded that my children haven't written to me. What's wrong with you kids. Where are you? What's going on? Why don't I have a picture of Isaac yet????
I'm going to down load the pictures I've taken for you too. I have some movies of the procession of the bishop and their cultural dancing that was going on to greet the priest. Its all very cool to see. you will love it.
I love all of you. I hope all is well with everyone.

- Celine

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