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St. Lucy  Flute School
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Monday, October 5, 2009

October 5th, 2009

Went to Seyoum’s for coffee ceremony yesterday, we had such a blast. He gave me my cell phone and first thing on the agenda was to call America to hear my husband’s voice. Seyoum even got the chance to talk with my husband. I need to let you know it’s expensive for me to call America so please call me. My number is 011 251 9 14 18 0071. I have my phone on me at all times and I would love to hear from you.
One way to call Ethiopia is to go to and set up a phone line with them. It is only .5cents per minute to talk and the reception is excellent. I know this because I used it for my conversations to call Ethiopia when I was in America.
Seyoum was adorable. He was very happy and excited to earn his degree. He picked me up in a new suit looking very dapper. I made him a bouquet of flowers and gave it to him which made him very happy.
At Seyoum’s, his good friend Hemwit was making us coffee. When she saw me, we hugged so hard. I love Hemwit, she is the sweetest thing. She has worked on her English so she and I had a conversation together. She’s not bad.
I met Seyoum’s sister’s boyfriend, can’t remember his name though. He also visited with us. Seyoum now has a TV so we watched ETV (Ethiopian Television) while we visited and had coffee. Then a surprise came: Soloman Twabe showed up. He was visiting for the weekend and decided to pay Seyoum a visit. He was really surprised to see me. We also embraced and had a nice visit. He is teaching Ethiopian traditional music in Mekele on the krar and washnit (traditional instruments) at a private school.
Seyoum and Medhanie thought it to be a good idea to buy some mez (honey wine). They bought a big bottle of it. Medhanie got a little drunk. Every time a song came on the TV; he would get up and start dancing. It was so much fun. Then Seyoum and Soloman Twabe would join in. You should see Ethiopian men dance. They do this shaking of the shoulders that is very fast while they move their legs up and down in a jumping style. It made me laugh so hard. Medhanie wanted me to start drinking. He tried to pour me more mez but I remember when I was at his mother’s the first time she fed me so much sewa (Ethiopian beer) that I got drunk and couldn’t stop laughing. I told Medhanie no and I gave it to him instead and watched him get even happier. It was pretty funny.
We left Seyoum’s around 7:20pm. The sky was dark and the moon full. What a beautiful night to walk through Adigrat. Dan, my husband called, and I could talk with him as we walked back to the convent. It was very nice.
I know this is not all about the flute school, general music and English classes I’m giving but I have to say I love sharing about the social part of my trip with all of you too. I think it is fun to let everyone know what it is like to spend time with these beautiful Ethiopian people. I have such a good time. I hope you come and enjoy them as much as I have done so far.
Today is National Flag Day in Ethiopia. I’m wearing their flag in honor of their country today. I feel so fortunate to be part of this world.
Send me an email or call me.
Love to all and God bless,

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