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St. Lucy Flute School

St. Lucy  Flute School
Class of 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blog Entry for 10-11-09

I apologize that the only time I am able to write to America is on the weekends. My days have become so full and I am so busy that I do not have enough time to even get my chores done. It’s Sunday in Adigrat. The sisters are finishing their retreat and I am sitting in my office room that is right next to the Chapel. I will never tire of listening to their beautiful voices as they praise God in song. It is the most beautiful sound one can listen to.
I joined them for lunch. Their retreat is over and I can visit with them again. We had a large lunch and we celebrated several special occasions with the sisters. Sr. Desta finished her retreat in Zalaambasa that lasted for 2 weeks and 4 of the house girls have committed to becoming nuns and they were dressed in their postulate veils. It was lovely. We had a great time.
I am developing a social life with the teachers. Today Seyoum and Medhanie came and we went back to Seyoum’s for a coffee ceremony at his place. This is the 4th coffee ceremony this week! I’m going to be such an addict of Ethiopian coffee by the time I leave here. Seyoum, Medhanie and I all decided Sunday afternoon was our time and we will spend it together for the next 3 months.
I was hot from the walk across Adigrat today. More than usual this time. When I got to Seyoum’s I had to take off my top layer of clothing. I know it’s not proper but I was so darn hot that I couldn’t stop sweating. I decided to not have much coffee this time around and instead I quenched my thirst and cooled myself off the Ethiopian honey wine mez. I didn’t realize that I had too much and I got a little intoxicated. I noticed that I was a little intoxicated on our walk back to the convent. As I walked Seyoum and Medhanie said, “Celine, you are walking especially slowly this evening.” I was! I had one arm holding onto Medhanie and the other arm on Seyoum. I told them that I had a little bit too much mez. They laughed and helped me back to the convent.
There really isn’t anything worse than to come home to a convent a little intoxicated. It was very difficult to sit and have dinner and keep a civilized conversation with the sisters. They knew. They all smiled at each other, with one brow raised and asked “well Celine, how was your coffee ceremony at Seyoum’s today?” I smiled at them trying my best to look sober and they laughed at me. This convent is never going to be the same. First I crash their retreat then I come back intoxicated. It’s a good thing they love me so much.
I went to my room and received a phone call from my family. I got to speak with my younger daughter for a long while. It was so nice to hear her voice. To all my family, keep the calls coming. I love hearing from you.
By the time I went to bed I had a bit of a headache. Next time I will be more conservative with my consumption. This is payback time…..

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