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St. Lucy  Flute School
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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 14, 2012

It is my committment to my family and friends that I will continue to write this blog.  Whether it is about the flute school in Adigrat, travel adventures, concerts, or university work it is my committment to my music followers to know, I'm here in Ethiopia and I'm dedicated to the change in music and music education.

Today I'm off to the Nicholas Robinson School in Mekelle.  This is a privately owned school that I feel is one of the best schools for Primary and Secondary Education in Mekelle. I will gather more information about this school and share it with all of you as I can't sum up all the incredible things this school is doing for the children, their parents who are war veterans, and the community in a simple swoop of this note.

I have a meeting with the director as I'm going to assist with getting some music teachers into the school to start after school lessons.  We are looking at doing guitar, clarinet, flute, and piano.  I've got Solomon Twabe from the St. Lucy Flute School in Adigrat who now works at another school in Mekelle.  He will become their 2nd staffed music teacher and I feel he is going to be a great addition.  Solomon can teach the guitar, bass guitar, piano, and flute.  He is a very talented man and I've seen him in performance many times.  He is very dedicated to getting music education to children.  I'm also working with the Tigray Arts College to find more teachers who are interested in assisting this program. For me, I will assist in getting the flute students going and starting up another flute school.  I have 5 flutes at the school that were donated from England and that should be enough for now. 

Since my last entry the flute students of Adigrat have been ringing my phone off the hook.  I'm not sure why.  They've told me I need to apologize, I'm not sure why on that too.  I think they have realized that their behavior was less than desired and perhaps if they really want to continue then we need to have a discussion with their parents.  I feel that since they are not orphaned the parents should have to pay for the lessons.  I mean really? Don't you agree that the parents should have to pay for music instruction just like everyone else in the world? Just because their Ethiopian doesn't mean they get the special privelage to get things free. I'm sure all of you agree that we all have to work hard for what we accomplish, otherwise we wouldn't appreciate the success in it.  Besides working toward something and creating a better Ethiopia is just what the late Prime Minister Meles Zemanawi said, isn't it?  So this is one way to improve themselves and others and build a school of music that can be shared with anyone.  For me, I love these children.  They will always hold a special place in my heart but I feel this is the only option that will help them realize their gifts and appreciate that flutes just don't grow on trees in America.

I plan to go back to Adigrat and have a meeting with their parents and discuss this important issue.  I will share with all of them that anyone who wishes to continue, can, but they will pay and they will come to Mekelle to take their classes.  Those who wish to discontinue then no problem but I will collect the flutes and music as it can be used by someone else who is less fortunate and would appreciate the opportunity to learn. After all, I'm sure my benefactors would be happiest to see their flutes, music, and money be put into the hands of students who will benefit from them.  

If your feeling a little disgruntled over the flute school, please don't be. I think all things will work out on their own time. I believe these children just need a good talking to their parents.

Tomorrow I will write about what's happening at the university.  So many wonderful changes are going on.  The department is really starting to get some shape. We have a new department head and he is doing a bang up job for the department.  I will remind all of you out there who are reading this blog to please remember this is a developing country and we could use a lot more music books in history, music appreciation, theory and harmony, composition, and choir music.  Please see if you can find a way to assist us.  Also don't forget recorders are a need for all the music students.  I have music but I need at least 50 recorders.  Are they out there?  Is anyone listening to me? I hope so. 

I miss all of you.  I especially miss my children.  I am coming home for the holidays and it's going to be great.  I love you!!!


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