St. Lucy Flute School

St. Lucy  Flute School
Class of 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

First Look at pics

Makalesh enjoying her flute lesson

Introducing hand positions to 6th Grade "B" student
Learning to read music

Learning to hold and blow into the flute

Teacher Gabriel-Medhin with his 3rd grade class. Taught general music to the his class of 58 students!!! Very enjoyable children, had a blast.

Medhanie learning the head joint

Teacher Seyoum assisting me in the adult flute class

Orphan Eden learning the headjoint

Children on the play ground

Flute Student Tahani, grade 5.

Introduction to Safia's photography class

More students enjoying their recess
All photographs (c) 2009 By Safia Khalid

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  1. Welcome back Celia and Safia. I hope you had a great time while doing your noteworthy mission. The smile in the children’s’ face certainly speaks for itself. It truly conveys the same sense of warmth and good intentions of your work. May god bless you both and Keep up the good work.
    Abel G.